Australia-China Connections


Is your company ‘China Ready’?

Australia China Connections, a China specialist consulting firm, are providing a service to Australian companies assisting in China Business Development.

Whether you are considering exporting your products or services, or do inbound business from China, the challenge is the same – ‘Is your company China Ready’?

To have an understanding of and ability to tolerate Chinese culture relating to business, can make or break your results when dealing with China. Having suitable Chinese speaking staff at your office is an imperative, and an understanding of China as a country and some of its history will improve your results.

Our ‘End to End’ China Business Development program incorporates the following:

  • Analysis of your ‘China Ready’ needs.
  • Teaching and training management and staff in cultural diversity.
  • Understanding the complexity of China and its people.
  • Recruiting and training suitable local Chinese employees.
  • Developing and supporting marketing initiatives in China
  • Providing China specific social media service, such as WeChat and Baidu
  • Providing suitable business connections with and in China to develop

China export market.

  • Providing ongoing support to grow your inbound or outbound business with China.
  • Translating and interpreting service.
  • Export Market Development Grant (EMDG) service – processing and applying of your EMDG grant to assist you in gaining valuable government support.  

Carl Jetter has 15 years of active understanding and experience with China. In his former role as publisher of Australia China Connections for 12 twelve years he acquired the know-how of living and understanding business with Chinese people.
His previous role as board member of the Australia China Business Council Vic, as well as eight years as Councilor with the City of Melbourne enabled him to build a host of valuable connections of benefit to assist others.