Australia-China Connections


English speaking Ability

The better your English-speaking ability the more you earn!

Being largely an English-speaking country, it is obvious that the level of your English will affect your employability. Speaking the language of your country of birth is a great benefit and bonus, but only if you have learnt to speak English as well.

Our training is based on a one-on-one basis, practising English speaking relating to interviews and employment. If your English is at a level where you are translating what is being said – then you are NOT ‘job ready’!

We also offer IELST training with our sessional tutor to assist when intending to reach a certain level.

Interview arrangement

In todays busy and competitive employment environment using online job ads is like using a lottery.

Finding a job is a full-time job and requires skill, knowhow and connections.

Australia China Connections enjoys the unique benefit of having a well-established relationship with leading organisations, whose member companies are representing the Australia/China business communities and who employ bi-lingual staff.

Furthermore, we use our inhouse data base representing thousands of companies from many industry segments, who we regularly contact to arrange interviews for our graduates.

Having placed graduates now for seven years, we have established strong relationships with many employers, who inform us of vacant positions, before they advertise them, and offer our graduates first option to apply – a unique advantage for our graduates.

Career advice & coaching

Having survived and completed your university studies, unfortunately does not prepare you for the next chapter of your life – to find employment in your chosen career.

The commercial world and their expectations are very different to graduates knowledge and ability.

Learning that stark reality and gradually adjusting to your new world is another important service we provide and is necessary to become ‘job ready’.

A ‘Master’s Degree’ does not automatically result in a position with a well-known company within your chosen career. In Australia work experience is more valuable to gain your first position, and that may have to start with a smaller company, who often provide a broader learning experience.

Interview skills

Any interview situation, regardless when and where, creates a degree of nervousness. That is human nature.

We offer a unique style of interview skill, which will greatly reduce the level of concern and will assist to focus on the situation at hand.

It is a unique training, which will even provide benefits when being employed, especially when dealing with companies’ customers.

An important ability, which will substantially enhance your chance to gain employment, especially when competing with the many other applicants.

Understanding Australian culture

Having a sound knowledge of local culture in comparison to ones own cultural background can be and is very important at times of an interview and employment situations.

Your interview may fail, because of simple misunderstandings.

You are NOT ‘job ready’ if you haven’t made an effort to learn about Australian cultural habits and communication.

It can make or break the success of an employment opportunity.

Work place environment

All new employment includes a trial period and being prepared for a different and new workplace environment may ensure a more successful introduction period.

Coming from another country means adjusting to different culture, including the local workplace, as well as local company procedures and practices.

Being prepared will reduce the understandable new employment nervousness and assist in building a positive and successful relationship with management and employees.